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Blog 51: Campaign Planning

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I've been taking a look at the sanity and madness tables for Pathfinder and Call of Cthulu and I don't think they're going to work. A lot of the effects that they list are real things, which can get tricky to rp for a lot of reasons.
So, I'm not gonna implement any system like that, but I am thinking of survival-horror-type conditions that players can react to any way that they want (in line with their character). Like sleep deprivation, food deprivation, environmental conditions, etc. Who doesn't want to rp suffering, ahaha.

But I still like the idea of highly eccentric residents in a closed environment. Gives the player something to react to and explore the kind of reactions your character could have in unusual circumstances.
I'm not really sure how well an rp-heavy campaign like this would fly, though. I'll be putting up an interest check after I figure out the mystery part.
I'd like to make the world itself fairly sandboxy. Which does come with the dangers of having PCs get into situations that aren't manageable and the old sandbox stall where nobody can decide on anything. That last one I really want to avoid.
But it's a mystery-style campaign, so it's gotta have a story. Two stories: the discoverable one and the one that the PCs create. That's the ideal, anyway, right?

As for the setting, I'm probably going to draw heavily on everything I'm studying's right there, ahaha. If I'm using Mandarin, that counts as studying, right? But, yeah, a Taiwan-inspired island.

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  1. Tiger's Avatar
    How about you provide a system where the players create chars that are already hooked into the campaign and setting upon which you then can build on?
    Like 'Dark Secrets' or 'campaign traits'?
    Of course, you can just tell players to create interesting enough chars and backgrounds but tools to aid in this aren't bad...
  2. Isada's Avatar
    It's a good idea! I guess I haven't been focusing on that as much as I have trying to make a world and consistent mystery story. I've actually been referencing your blog while trying to piece all this together. If you ever write any more on campaign making, I'll totally read up--it's really helpful.
  3. Tiger's Avatar
    Who has the time?
    Well, besides you that is...
    I'll see what I can do.
  4. Isada's Avatar
    Ha, for real--the work study life is awesome with all the time I've got. I'll keep an eye out for it^^