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Pathfinder spells for sneaky illusionist

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Control senses spells:

White noise (1st, no save)
Distortion field (2nd, buff)
Silent table (2nd, no save)
Predatory stealth (3rd, buff)

Incapacitate spells:

Malicious intent (1st, no save)
Blindness/deafness (2nd, necro, fort)
Mute (2nd, necro, fort) or lipstitch (2nd, necro, fort)
Limp lash (2nd, no save)
Pilfering hand (2nd)
Mask limb (3rd, illusion, will)
Crushing pressure (3rd, should be somatic components instead of verbal, conj, fort partial)
Accursed glare (3rd, necro, will)
Bestow curse (4th, necro, will)
Mute (4th, illusion, will)
Enervation (4th, no save)
Black tentacles (4th, no save)

Social interaction spells:

Sculpt corpse (1st)
Glamour (1st, buff, illusion, will)
Unspeakable tongue (1st, ench, will)
Discern next of kin (1st, div, will)
Vocal alteration (1st, buff)
Alter self (2nd, buff)
Raiment of command (2nd, buff)
Curse of prevarication (2nd, ench, will)
Friendly face (2nd, buff, ench, will)
Aura of the unremarkable (3rd, ench, will)
Blood biography (3rd, div, will)
Curse of truth (3rd, ench, will)
Indisputable fact (3rd, ench, will)
Shadow healing (3rd, illusion, will)

Fear spells:

Vision of entropy (2nd, illusion, will)
Bloody tears and jagged smile (2nd, buff)
Vision of hell (3rd, illusion, will)
Fear (4th, necro, will partial)
Phantasmal killer (4th, illusion, will and fort)
Feast on fear (5th, necro, fort)

Poison related spells:

Truestrike (1st, buff)
Alter poison damage type (1st, buff)
Poison weapon (1st, buff, fort partial)
Virulence (1st, necro, fort)
Undetectable poison (2nd, buff)
Augment poison (2nd, buff)
Pernicious poison (2nd, no save)
Accelerate poison (2nd, trans, fort)
Spectral hand (2nd, buff)
Touch injection (3rd)
Aggravate affliction (3rd, no save)
Minor phantom object (4th, should be 3rd, otherwise strictly inferior to minor creation)
Minor creation (4th)

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