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Ailara hears, "Approach with humility...!"

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Worry flooded Ailara when the booming voice rang out. The goblins, she knew, must have heard that. Twice.
[roll0] (NB: it was just a 7.)
"Could be we'll have company soon. But yeah, I think debasing yourself is the thing it wants."

She really didn't want to sheath her scimitar. She really didn't want to hear that voice booming letting the goblins know where they were.
With an inward groan, she said to herself, "This could have gone different if I just entered the room first."

Sheathing her scimitar, she entered the room. Impulsively, she reached for the door, but decided it was not humble to interrupt the voice. It boomed from nowhere, filling her with dread for the goblins behind them. It finished, and she closed the door.

"Khiiralin, I need you back here with Johlu to bar the door. I will investigate and try to disarm it in case a fight erupts. We don't want to be armed and running for cover in case it thinks we are disobeying."

With that, she got on all fours and began crawling to the dais and the runes near it.

With another thought, she paused and almost whispered, "If the goblins should come, let them enter the room - definitely without humility."

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