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Rodgin Kemph

First time for everything.

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So, I've never been one to blog, but I figured, what the hell, might as well give this new softwere a full fledged test. Also, I'll put my disclaimer here right now. This blog will contain all kinds of profain, off the wall, and possibly disturbing stuff. If you are of a weak constitution, don't bother reading further.

Also, if you're reading this, i don't want to hear about how I offended you. You're reading MY blog. I'm not hoisting it on you.

Ok, so, now that the business end is put up, todays topic is about RP and new systems.

I find myself forgetting that I am still quite new to this whole systemed RP thing. For whatever reason I start thinking that I've seen it all and done it all just in time to have my happy little crushed under the weight of reality. I'm quite sure this comes from generally being the old man of any group I'm around.

I've just spent the last weekend/up to today researching and learning d20 modern/future. It's d20, so not that much new, but I'm suprised at how well it flows into actual life. Quite well done and I look forward to actually playing with the system. I begin to wonder why I haven't ever played before.

Then I realise this isn't eh first time I've said this. Cyberpunk is new for me, Fusion system, basically anything that isn't homebrew or D&D is new to me and I am back where I started. The new guy who started way to late in life to actually have my gaming experience caught up with my actual age.

That's all for tonight. Due to my workaholic mentality, don't expect anything new till this weekend.

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