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Introduction to The Masters' Court PvP RPG Setting

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High atop a rocky plateau, among the ruins of an ancient city who's name is lost to memory, a monumental structure still stands as testament to the builders of that age. A grand stadium capable of seating thousands, lay abandoned for hundreds of years before a band of brave adventurers stumbled across the place no more than twenty years ago in a search for the fabled Crown of Ascension.

The Crown of Ascension was an artifact that would raise it's wearer to the ranks of godhood and though it was never discovered, the adventurers gained a valuable resource none the less .

The companions were dumbstruck by the immensity of the one structure that seemed to have weathered the test of time. A massive coliseum spanning the area of two mighty longbow shots and with walls that stretched a full bowshot overhead seemed to be in perfect shape amid the ruins of the ancient city.

For three full years they proceeded to explore the arena. They discovered that the place had numerous entrances to a vast network of tunnels and caverns carved into the tall plateau below. They also discovered that in the uppermost portion of the Arena, there was a large room that had controls for all sorts of effects on the main floor of the arena.

One lever filled the floor with water, providing a miniature ocean for mock sea battles and other aquatic events. A series of switches caused a number of doors in the arena to open slowly. The doors opened up into small locked rooms, presumably a holding area for whatever would be released into the battlefield. Another panel contained controls for raising and lowering walls all over the floor so as to provide mazes or obstacles. All matter of environmental controls were at hand in this room.

Eventually the Coliseum was cleared of the many creatures that had made their home there over the centuries and two of the more enterprising members of the band decided to try and reopen the Coliseum and restore it to it's former glory.

To this end the two entrepreneurs, Thorin Longshanks, a formidable dwarven horizon walker, and the other, Lorilyn, a half elven mystic theurge, travelled to the great city of Sigil to seek brave adventurers from all the worlds to come and prove themselves. They promised great riches and glory to all who came to do battle in their new venue. The greatest of those who braved the challenges would be gathered together at the end of the first year to battle in the blood red light of the harvest moon.

On this night, Lorilyn would petition her Lord to grant a wish to the winner of this final contest.

Thus was born the Masters Court,
Are you up to the challenge?

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