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Jason Katsukura

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Jason Katsukura
Age: 21

-born in the bunker, where he has lived his whole life.

-at age ten, he watched a drunken man rape his mother and was helpless to do anything to stop it (this frustration with being able to do nothing to end the suffering of others is one that has carried over to many aspects of his life. once free of the bunker - which he sees as nothing more than a glorified prison - he dedicates himself to ending the suffering of others in whatever form it might take. this is also driven to be one of the group that left the bunker. he could see that only by escaping his own prison, would he be free to help others escape theirs)

-his mother became pregnant with the daughter of the man who raped her. she died in childbirth, but the baby - his half-sister, Tracy, survived. (Jason, then only eleven years old, took full responsibility for raising the child, who he named Tracey Isabelle Katsukura)

-though he received some help raising Tracey, Jason was surprisingly dedicated to raising her despite his young age. as he grew older, he asked for even more responsibility and took whatever jobs he could get within the bunker. he learned from an aging soldier - one who had lived since the death of earth that was - how to fix things around the bunker, and his thirst for knowledge drove him to study whatever books on repair and engineering he could find around the bunker. as something of a hobby, he started taking apart broken and non-essential items in order to learn how they worked. he even convinced the general to unlock the armory and teach him to field strip weapons.

-his main driving force is to free the rest of the bunker's population, including his sister, who some are afraid might have a brain tumor. she has headaches of increasing regularity that make her sensitive to light and sound, and during which she sometimes has visual and auditory hallucinations.

-he sees himself as a protector of the weak, even though he is quite weak himself. he uses his mind to solve problems that his strength cannot, thinking quickly on his feet and adapting to diverse circumstances.

-Jason is able to see the bright side of almost any situation, and will try to cheer up others even in the face of tragedy. the one thing that upsets him is seeing people hurting one another.

-he is very protective of those he cares about, especially his sister, and he will go to great lengths to defend those in need. he does recognize, however, that there are those he cannot save, and he is forced to pass them by in order to help others. this tears him apart, and he often blames himself for being to weak to protect them.

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