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Where do I find Pathfinder games.

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So, you've decided that you want to play Pathfinder on-line on a Virtual Tabletop (VTT)

Where do I go next?
(I really need to learn about paragraphs and such, these one-liners seem strange.)

First, you'll probably want to install more than one VTT, because it depends on where you look as to which VTT is the most popular.

On The Tangled Web the following seem to be popular.
MapTools (
Traipse/OpenRPG (

There's also a Yahoo group for the Pathfinder Society that exclusively uses Fantasy Grounds

Two other sites you may want to check out are:
Obsidian Portal:
Roleplaying Games & More:

I'm sure there's a whole lot more, why I even think WoTC has their own VTT.

Good luck in your search.

Gamer Out

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  1. grimmythegrim's Avatar
    for my personal opinion id go for maptool, its easy to learn and use plus there are plenty of images you can use for it.
  2. BoomerET's Avatar
    Thanks grimmy, from what I've seen, MapTools seems to dominate the on-line VTT market.

    I also messed up my copy/paste, and put Obsidian Portal twice.

    I had meant to put (and now I see there's an, but I haven't checked that one out yet.
  3. grimmythegrim's Avatar
    you dont have to use a vtt, you can always do play by post. it is a time saver since you can post pretty much at any time instead of having a set schedule.
  4. goofdad's Avatar
    My group uses (and I'm looking at Both are online VTT's that don't require your players to install any software. infrno has it's drawbacks (no fog of war, anyone can move any token) but for me that far outweighed the ease of getting started.