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Maptool Macro Basics: Lesson 3

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Last time, we covered variables and prompts. This edition will cover constants and property values. For all intents and purposes, these two terms will be interchangeable.

Crawl Before Walking

Before being able to assign a property, we need to know what that property will be. We previously determined that Redshirt Bob's Intimidate modifier was +2. This will be the value we'll need to know to assign to a property. Looking at Bob's character sheet, we also notice his to-hit modifier is +3, and we'll be able to assign this into another property, and finally that bob has a strength modifier of +2.

What's All This Talk About Properties?

Double click on your token. This brings up the Edit Token dialog. Notice there are a number of tabs across the middle of the page. The tab we're going to be concerned about is the 'Properties' tab, so navigate to that one. Here, we have a two column list, with available properties on the left and values on the right.
The available properties are set by the GM, or if you're not in an active game session, you can goto Edit>Campaign Properties and assign new properties there. For this excercise, we'll assume there is a property named "Intim" and a property named "tohit" and a property named "str".

To assign our values to these properties, simply enter the appropriate data on the right side column (2 for Intim 3 for tohit and 2 for str).

What's Next

Now we can make a more robust Intimidate macro. Previously, we created Bob's macro with a target pop-up and a hard coded +2 for his intimidate. Lets go in and edit that macro to call out the new Intim property.

Intimidate against [target]: [1d20+Intim]
This new macro has the name of the property there instead of the former +2. This allows us to easily change Bob's intimidation modifier by editing the token, instead of going through and editing the macro every time. I'm not saying that editing the macro isn't easy, but when you get really long macros of over 1000 characters, utilizing these properties becomes a lifesaver when something changes.

Now lets make Bob an attack macro using his longsword (1d8 damage)

Bob swings his longsword at [target]! To-hit AC of [1d20+tohit] for a possible [1d8+str] damage!
Notice that this macro still has a popup for "Target", but the +3 from tohit and the +2 from the strength are automatically added to the proper rolls.

Where To Go From Here?

Play around a bit. Its hard to break Maptool from a player side (though I've done it before). Experiment with different properties and make complicated macros. If you need more token properties, ask your GM or make them on your own instance of Maptool.

Preview of Next Time

Almost out of 'Basics' for making macros, but I have one more lesson: Temporary Constants.

Image courtesy of the Maptool Documentation Wiki:

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