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New Style of Game?

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Talking to Actana has got me thinking about the different ways a PbP game could be put together. One of the problems with the standard GM/Players set-up is that the GM is a huge bottleneck. They provide so much of the direction and content that everything generally revolves around them.

There are of course Open FreeForm World were nobody is really in charge but I am thinking about something else.

If you sit down to do a bit of Fiction with a Group the basic way is each person do a Chapter of the Story. The whole Plotline is shared and the group discusses and decides on the big points along the way. I guess what I am thinking about is more like a God Game but without a lot of the Rules they use. A small Group of people who are responsible for some part of a Shared World. The Plotline develops based on the actions of each Player.

But then if there is conflict between the groups controled by Players you are back to needing Rules and a GM again so maybe it is an endless circle with no real idea at it's core.

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