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Legend: An offshoot of a familiar family tree

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When Pathfinder first came about and I was messing with its beta (I assume it was beta, it was the version that had heavy armor clerics) I was a loud mouth and was constantly describing it as "3.75, somewhere between 3.X and 4E!"

And, in hindsight, I was wrong.

Pathfinder didn't really branch the gap between 3.X and 4E, it just refined and polished bits and pieces of 3.X in an attempt to fix and improve it (And make money, because life is really a lot like Space Balls in that regard.)

So yes! I delved deeply into Pathfnder and had many zany adventures, but there was never a total acceptance of it. It felt, and still somewhat does, like it introduces as many problems as it fixes.
(FEELS. I'm not the type of guy who friggin' dissects RPG's finding every mathematical exploitation possible. I have things to do.)

So after my last game of Pathfinder ended, badly, due to either a large portion my fault or DM fault (doesn't matter at this point) and real life reared up to consume my time, I was left with a nagging itch for a fun game.

Fast forward roughly three or so months. I peruse some of my favorite webcomic sites looking for entertainment when Brian Fucking Clevinger posts about his idea to review Role playing games.

Now, when Brian Fucking Clevinger rants about things that I play, when the creator of Atomic Robo perks up about something, I tend to investigate.

Lo' and Behold. Legend. Its not 3.X, or pathfinder or even 4th edition. It is the unholy child of a drunken orgy involving all three, TVtropes, a lot of movie references and a wit that makes me giggle.

Where Pathfinder is a direct continuation of 3.X, Legend branches off in its own direction, mixing complex methods of multiclassing with simplified variations of magic and weaponry. Its designed to be a more cinematic game, where magical artifacts are intensely rare and where the heroes are mighty by the strength of their arm, rather than what the arm happens to be holding at the time.

Magic no longer beats Martial into the dirt, Fighters can become more like Rogues and Rogues more like Rangers and Rangers more like Shamans. Feats can give you the ability to heal yourself with alcohol or beat people to death with "Epic Flail". Characters gain powers and items automatically through leveling...

To be frank, there are too many facets about Legend to sum up neatly in a blog. Hell, its too much stuff crammed into 180 pages of gaming for me to even accurately depict or show off!

Its not a replacement for 3.X, Pathfinder or 4th ED, its just another game that's not too difficult to learn.

That, and its current proceeds go to Child's Play charity, the book is otherwise free and they're pumping out even more content alongside the community at an astounding rate.

Just...Take a look you gits. (Official Site) (Brian Fucking Clevinger's rant. A bit...more direct.)

tl;dr A game that is probably far closer to 3.75 than Pathfinder.

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