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So what is it like to run a 24/7 game?

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Exhausting and thrilling.

On story is never-ending. Unlike most types of games we are always playing and there really is no OOC time at all. We do mix in real life stuff regularly but we all know none of that has anything to do with the game. Sometimes we will talk about modern day things but kinda cover it with an RP layer but sometimes not.

For me what I have to do is to go with the flow as much as possible. I cannot make a rigid outline for an adventure and walk the group through it as Game Master the way I normally would. I have to be a lot more flexible than that. So when we go get into a special event I get it going and then just try to stay somewhat in control. Players always throw curve balls at GMs that is just normal. The thing is with this sort of freeform the curve balls come wicked fast and sometimes more than one at a time.

This is not the first time I have run a game that never stops. Back in my MUD days they all worked like that. I did run GM-based things even then but the bulk of the game was hard-coded and did not require any support from a GM at all. But still there was a bigger adventure going on and it did continue day to day. What I am doing with the Palace is far more intensive and frankly a lot more fun.

We don't accept anyone under 18 because the Palace and some of it's adventures are rated R. Sex is not a direct part of the game though. Like in real life people do that behind closed doors. We all have private lives connected to the game and the relationships do often play some part in how we play. Light romance and various forms of cuddly play are often part of life in the Imperial Palace.

Sometimes I feel very much like the Palace is real. The RP mixes into my life so often that it is just easier to go with those feelings. Sometimes when I am alone via IM with my Queen we are just being our real life very romantic selves. But we also mix our King and Queen personas right in without skipping a beat or having to say 'going to game speak now'. It is just a part of our lives. We worry about our daughter. We talk about the future of the Kingdom. Once or twice the possibility of a baby has been mentioned. How real does a game have to be before it inspires you to want to have a child in it? Not sure how to answer that question except to say that the Imperial Palace feels that real.

We have 3 different times during the day when things get active. From 1 pm until 3pm my Queen is usually in residence and the social side of the game is the main focus. We live there and there are always little things going on. From 3pm until 6pm both I and my Queen are usually there. This is when a whole lot of the big things happen. Then because she lives far, far away the Queen has to leave and from 6 until Midnight I run things. So on a good day we are playing somewhat seriously in different groups over the 11 hour span. Outside of those time the place pretty much runs itself alhough Lady Jessica has Admin power in case something bad should happen. To date nothing has. All these times are USA EST.

The Palace is a lot to do. It is also an insane amount of fun. The world is dynamic. The story goes on and on. A group of people live together and face the challenges of taming a world together.

Want to know the truth? It is not really a game. It is a special part of our lives.

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