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How does an RP Family get started?

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Well as often happens it was quite by accident.

I had just begun to settle in on a new adult RP place. Hanging out in their chat room and slowly making some new friends. There was this cute vampire girl named Iris Fang. She was looking for someone to play this silly little romantic game and nobody would. When she showed me what she wanted to do I was not all that interested frankly. The game was based on a cutsie little video game and just seemed well silly.

And yet somehow she got me to agree to play. Still not quite sure how that happened. But once it did she decided she wanted to do a little something more. Iris has an RP brother that she has played many a game with and so she asked me if I would be willing to play their Father in the Chat. Simple light little RP stuff so I said sure.

It sorta picked up steam all on it's own. My companion Lady Vaylin thought the idea sounded very cute and agreed to be Mother. She and I had already taken on the titles of King and Queen of romance on another Site so naturally the family became a royal one. In a short time others joined in and the family grew.

Not too long after we started we were up to 7 people. Beyond the King, Queen, Princess and Prince there was a Nanny, a Guardian and a Cat. Even more people joined in taking roles outside of the royal family but still involved. We started to play little storylines out in the chat. Things were going well right up to the moment where the Site were were on burned our home to the ground. Yes they simply removed the chat.

But things were going too well for me to simply let it end that way. I created a new chat room and invited my family to move there. In a remarkably gratifying move not only did the entire group show up they brought even more people with them! 15 people have been a part of the adventures at the Palace.

It is 24/7 Role Playing. The Imperial Palace is our Kingdom set on our own Planet. We mix light social RP with the occasional battle or other more serious events. Imagine playing D&D non-stop. Living the life not just getting together to fight some monsters. We are defending our home and protecting each other from all the dangers that lurk around every corner. Not too long ago Nanny Jessica got kidnapped. For 2 real life days we searched while she was being tortured. Talk about motivation! Our friend had been taken from us. We could 'feel' her being hurt. We wanted her back and those that got in our way were not treated nicely.

Years ago I ran the game called MetaWars! It was coordinated out of a chat room but we played in the Forum. It ran 6 days a week and involved a large number of people. I was lucky enough to have some really good help in the form of my Staff but man it was a lot of work. One hell of a lot of fun too. But I have to say that the Palace is far more involving than any other game I have ever run. We are living in our Kingdom not just playing at it. It is still a game but it is just more.

The family might have been started accidentally but the Imperial Palace was not. I have more years of experience running games than I care to admit to frankly. This is by far and away my most amazing creation. Nothing in a Forum can touch playing it live. I have always said that even games like MetaWars! are just pale imitations of the true RP experience of sitting around a table.

But I have come to realize that what we can do at the Palace is superior to the original. Yes having 6 people around my table for 6 hours was great fun. People laughed, cried, screamed in pain, and knocked things over jumping about in unadulterated joy in victory. But what we do on the Palace does not end. Our lives continue every minute of every day. The game continues.

Gotta say it is pretty amazing.

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