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Protomas Ludwig

Detail Oriented? (or just insane)

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I just realized I might get a bit carried away sometimes. I just finished making a very detailed spreadsheet for my possessions in Doombringer's campaign for Foxheart the Druid. No one else has done this, the DM didn't ASK for it, I just found myself suddenly in the middle of making it! It started because when I made a sheet for my riding dog Snicker, the sheet does not figure quadruped encumberance correctly, so even though he was only at medium burden, the sheet showed him at heavy. ARGH! THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE!

And thus my possessions list got longer and more detailed, I spent time figuring out how much water weighed, it eventually overflowed the character sheet....

So now I have a spreadsheet no one wants to see but me, that can't be displayed properly with any of the normal tools here at Tangled Web...and I found out that I am definitely insane!

A certain amount of detail isn't a bad thing, but it can truely get in the way of the story! But at least I can console myself that I am in good company, with David Weber in one of my favorite Sci Fi series, who has detailed apendixes in the backs of his books on the weight and types of ships in his battle fleets, and who's stories contain page after page listing ammunition expended, casualty lists, weapons bays on each ships that are damaged and so on! If he can get published, I at least have SOME hope

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  1. DoubleBrew's Avatar
    Being detail oriented isn't a bad thing, but it is when that's ALL you worry about. If you care more about how much chalk weighs than how to use it, then you have a problem
  2. d00mbring3r's Avatar
    Well I would say being "normal" is bland. So all in all insane is the use of a better term for being creative :P