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Protomas Ludwig


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Just like a lot of the people here (I'm pretty sure), I'd like to be a writer. Some writers consider themselves to be 'artists' and feel that their writing has to have some deeper meaning or higher goal. I want to write stories that take a little of the inside of my head, and put it in the form of stories that people actually enjoy reading. I'm not an artist, I'm a dreamer, and for me, writing is a way to make my dream a real thing, and I want to share it, which means people have to want to READ it.

I was reading about the author of the Cerebus comic, who is an advocate of self-publishing, and the wikipedia article talks at length about the author's artistic sophistication. And I really admire Mr Wick for supporting other artists. But I think I just have a very different view of what a writer is supposed to do. To me, the point of the writing is the story. All my favorite writers seem to be more interested in telling the story. I don't think its a bad thing to be an artists, and I'm sure that artistic writing is a wonderful thing. But I don't read stories for the 'art' I read them for the DREAM.

So maybe the Tangled Web will let me learn how to take my dream and turn it into stories that people want to read. And thats Art enough for me

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  1. deathmonk12's Avatar
    I agree completely and I wish you the best of luck. I'm an English Lit major, and my favorite stories and books to read are just that stories and dreams. Now I'm not saying I hate some giant extended metaphor, I just feel like making it intentionally vague can detract from the actual stories (its like watching a movie, and then at the end bam! adam and eve metaphor.....i blame nicholas cage.)

    Back on topic: I think that would make you a great writer, especially if you can make a setting or story that makes people forget about the world they're in. So best of luck to you.