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SuperHeros in Character

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Some people might be wondering what the point of my potential new project might be. It has a few of them actually.

Probably the best most consistant form of PbP is when you get a group together and play something with a limited run. A few months of play is the most you get get out of many people. So I have made my plans within a 4 month window. We gather and play and then it is over. I hope that perhaps some of the more talented RPers around here might be able to fit this into their generally full schedules.

Second when one thinks of SuperHeros one naturally thinks of the spectacular Combat that goes along with that. But I see these Characters as intense people. They make life and death decisions. Sometimes they make life or death decisions for the entire Planet! Comics themselves have grappled with all the questions that we would confront but I think we can put it all in a fresh perspective.

The differences in points of view between the members of the various groups will be stark. The Fantastic Four is from the very early 60s and will have done little before getting grabbed. They will be filled with hope and promise of what they can do in the future. The X-Men of the 90s have been through hell many times. The citizens of the United States have not been easy on them nor has the rest of the World. They will be asked to consider their impact on this new Earth.

Hopefully it will not result in too much violence but the differences of options between all these Characters should make for some very meaty Role Playing.

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