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Vaeltava Mieli

A Higher Calling #2: Realization

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The hike back to town took much longer than expected. Nowhere along the way did the adventurers once encounter the zombies they sought. Not even Jarrod, the expert tracker he is, could find a trace of their quarry.

As the party trod back into the city, Baerwar stopped. "Shouldn't there be more noise at this time of day?" he asked. Even as he voiced this thought, a scream arose to the east.

"Figures. There can't even be one day without some wench wailing her head off..." sighed Gaernir, turning to dash after Vitruvius and the rest. Finally they came to the marketplace, and they stopped in horror.

All across the pavilion, peasants stood gaping as a ghoul devoured its victim. No one even thought to draw a weapon, so schocked were they. As for the creature itself, it was easy to tell why the onlookers hadn't done anything to stop its approach. Apart from a hungry look in its eyes, tattered clothes, and paled skin, the zombie had nothing to set it apart from the people who stood about it. Not until it set upon the poor woman did its nature become revealed.

"This is simple enough. Gaer, go around the other side, I'll move in from here. Just like stopping that dire wolf in the forest..." suggested Vitruvius. Expecting an easy kill, both fighters casually flourished their blades, and Vitruvius waited for Gaernir to get into position. Their companions held back, happy to wait for their friends to eliminate the threat. Only Jarrod took the precaution of knocking an arrow to his bow.

One step. Two steps. Three. With lengthy strides, Vitruvius and Gaernir stalked up to their prey and simulatneously swung their swords down on the unsuspecting ghoul. Taken by surprise, the zombie didn't even turn to see its doom close in upon it. With one final blow from the aasimar, it fell. Surprised at his friend's bloodthrist, Gaernir gasped. Vitruvius looked up and saw the expression on his face. "It needed an extra one. It had a thick neck." he said.

The threat taken care of, the pair approached their friends. "That wasn't *too* bad. Only one undead? Child's play." said Gaernir. Samara replied, "Sorry. Just a couple more undead to deal with...." The rest of the group followed her gaze to see a shambling troop of zombies approaching the edge of the crowd. Even as the adventurers saw the walking dead, the peasants were finally turning to run. Drawing their various weapons, the party prepared for a fight.

"Are you people idiots!? Just run!" called a halfling from admist the fleeing masses. "You can't take all those things down! Come with me, instead. I'm going to need your help!" Presented with an intelligent suggestion, the party turned to follow the halfling. The six of them sprinted down sidestreets, avoiding the clogged main-roads. At last, they stopped at the backdoor to a tavern called the Doused Torch. "Get in, you laggards! We don't have half an hour before those things get here, and we need to be ready to leave when they do."

"That's all fine for you, but despite your *ahem* imposing stature, what makes you qualified to give *us* orders?" demanded Baerwar.

"Huff. You'd think that people would be a little more willing to follow a plan after being chased by three dozen zombies....Alright. I'll tell you. Because I know what's going on, and how to stop it, you fool of a half-elf. But I can't do it alone. Which is why you're coming with me."

Vitruvius looked at the mastermind, and he asked "Very well, halfling. We'll follow you. What name do you go by?"

The halfling grinned and said, "You can call me Pharafarr."

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