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Limited "Alpha" Test Run

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I am looking for players interested in testing the "Alpha" of Pious Paladin. I am only looking for a few playtesters, around 5-10 max. If you are interested please let me know in the thread here or via PM.

The test run will begin in a few days. I have one more feature I want completed before actually starting. I will help interested people install Python and PyQt before the test run.

There are a few things to consider when testing the Alpha.
  • First. This is an Alpha. Not every feature is completed yet, even if it is there.
  • I have done work focused on the square grid. I have some work done on the hexagon and isometric grids, but not enough to test with.
  • During the development of Alpha I am not looking for a lot of 'development' feedback / ideas. I first want to project my vision of the software. In Beta I will definitely consider feedback.

The main things I want to look at in this test:
  • Setting up a Server. How easy it is for you? Does the Configuration GUI help?
  • Map and the network. Is it fast enough? Are there any errors I should fix?
  • Chat and Diceroll. How well does the chat work?

Thanks in advance.

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