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Pious Paladin Development Snapshot

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I am far enough in development of Pious Paladin that I can release a development snapshot. This is a pre-alpha release. Very little works yet.

What works
  • Server GUI; starts and shows room and client changes
  • Client; connects to server, receives lobby map data, shows client and room changes
  • Chat; die roller works, chat works, whispers work.
  • Game Tree; imports, saves, exports. Not all nodehandlers work 100%
  • Map; not all features are complete. Saves maps, imports maps, loads maps. Loads images can users can modify map settings

You can download the snap shot here: Download

A lot of material will not work yet. My next step is to have the map data updating correctly. Afterwards I will complete work on the Meta Server and release and Alpha where I will then be testing the software on multiple platforms and completing features.

Pious Paladin requires Python and PyQt. It is being developed with Python 2.7.1 and PyQt 4.8.3 in mind, but has been tested against Python 2.6.5 and PyQt 4.7.3

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