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MalBot the DMBot

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None of MalBot's commands were published in any help file. It was my rule that if you don't already know the command, you have no business using it. This prevents new users from jumping into the room, seeing a new toy, and spamming the ever loving heck out of the channel with it as they try out every little thing. Today, I break that rule and produce some actual documentation.

You can find MalBot on #thetangledweb IRC channel by clicking the RPG chat button on up at the top menu. MalBot's DMBot feature allows him to generate a random dungeon according to rules offered in the DND 4e Dungeon Master's Guide. After its completion, I gave it a quick test run with 2 other members of the chat, and we all had a blast. The DMBot can work well for a case where you happen to have a small group and want to try a 1 shot dungeon crawl, or even if you wish to play without a dungeon master.

For best results, this should be combined with a maptools table. MalBot will constantly throw out images that will make up the dungeon, and you're going to need a place to put them.

To start off a crawl, use the !EnterDungeon command. MalBot will produce a random dungeon name and description from a short list. It will also give you the first room, also randomly selected. Here is one possible room you may begin with.

This room will have several options. Lets say you want to try one of the doors. You can use the !dungeondoor command to find out what kind of door it is. Note that toy can add Paragon or Epic to the end of that command if you are playing a high level game. The command defaults to heroic tier. You'll get something like this:
<Malum> !DungeonDoor
<MalBot> Wooden door: Strength DC 16 :: Lockpicking DC 20
<MalBot> Use !DungeonOpenDoor when you have passed the door.
This door is locked, and a number of DCs are provided. The Strength DC to break down the door will always remain a constant; however, the Thievery DC may vary. It is important to note that all DCs given are set to the DND 4e mechanics. If you're trying to use this feature for any other system, you will have to discard the DCs given and make your own reference table for determining DCs. Lets open the door and see what happens.

<Malum> !DungeonOpenDoor
<MalBot> Corridor straight ahead:
You're given a very straightforward and simple map section. If you're using Maptools, you will simply drag the image provided into the map and then follow it. When you reach the end, you have to extend it with !DungeonCorridor

<Malum> !DungeonCorridor
<MalBot> Straight 4 squares, side passage on left:
You continue using that until you get a door, or a Chamber.
<Malum> !DungeonCorridor
<MalBot> Ends in chamber (no door) :: See !DungeonChamber
Ahh hah! Now we have something.

<Malum> !DungeonChamber
<MalBot> Create the chamber from the following:
<MalBot> Size = Rectangle, 10 16 squares:
<MalBot> Exits = The chamber has 3 exits in addition to the way you came.
<MalBot> Determining types of exits. Starting in the upper-left most corner, and going clockwise...
<MalBot> Exit number 3 is a door: :: See !DungeonDoor
<MalBot> Exit number 2 is an open corridor:
<MalBot> Exit number 1 is a door: :: See !DungeonDoor
<MalBot> Other feature = Rubble (Difficult Terrain):
<MalBot> This chamber contains a random encounter! :: See !RandomEncounter
MalBot will generate various elements that will make up the chamber. Size and shape, number of exits, type of exits, special features of the room, even if there is a random encounter here!

Once you finish the encounter, you can look up what treasure you get. Then you're in pretty much the same situation as you were when you first entered the dungeon. you're in a room with various exits, and you can pick a path and take it. This process continues until the party feels they are ready to call it quits. For a full list of commands, you can use !DungeonHelp

If you ever want to try it out, please take your campaign to the channel #DMBot. You can get there from #thetangledweb channel by typing /join #DMBot
This is to reduce spam in the main channel.

I will confess that I took a shortcut while making the code. While I am positive I could create my own Random Encounter Generator as well as my own Random Treasure Generator, the massive amount of data entry required in order to make it work really turned me off from that idea. For random encounters, we're looking at generating a list of every monster by type, their level and XP value, and listing their source. For treasure, I don't even bloody well know how many magic items would need entered. We'd be looking at a massive listing that I really don't want to do. So, I'm just linking to an existing generator, even though it's a little outdated, and the encounter generator is not capable of determining if you have the source material. But hey, if you want to be the one who helps with the data entry, send me a PM. I'll tell you what sort of formating I'm looking for, and you can put together a listing for me which I can use to piece together the generator.

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    This sounds awesome, I'ma give it a try some time this week!