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A Newcomer's Guide to The Tangled Web

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Welcome to the Tangled Web! You are joining a large community of gamers quite literally as diverse as the world is large. We have members of all ages, playing all kinds of games, and literally living all over the globe. So regardless of who you are, where you live, and what kind of game you like you play--you are in good company. For starters, you're going to want to Register if you haven't already done so. You can read and access many areas of the forum without an account, but to really participate and use many of the great features that we have you need to be a member.

Now that you are an official member... tell us who you are! Just head on over to the Main Gate, create a new thread, and tell us a little about yourself! You can say as much or as little as you like, but it's just generally nice to introduce yourself to the throngs of people here in these cob-webby halls.

You're probably chomping at the bit now wondering where you can jump into a game, so that's where we'll go next: the Recruiting Office. Generally the way things work is that GMs looking for players will create new threads here for their games. People can then read the little blurb and reply to the threads for the games that they are interested in--it's that simple! There is also a thread for "Players looking for GMs" that some GMs will go through on occassion when they need people to fill spots in their games as well, so especially if you don't see any games recruiting that you like, add your name to the list. Also keep in mind that new games are always popping up, so check back every couple days to see what new games have shown up.

Another area that just about all of our members use is the Profiler. This is a convenient place where you can store your character sheets for both personal use and public viewing (if enabled, separate for each sheet). There a few different options for sheet styles--based on gaming system--and we're always looking for people with the coding know-how to make new sheets and make the current ones better.

Finally, to really immerse yourself in the community you have a couple options. One is the various forums in the Discussion Area, currently located near the bottom of the Forum page. Here you can chit-chat about everyday things, ask questions about games, and participate in all manner of silly forum games. The other way to meet people in the community is through our IRC channel. This is an online chat-room where you can chat with fellow members in real time. It is also run right from your browser window, so you don't have to worry about downloading software or anything like that.

This helpful guide was brought to you by the number 20, and the letters R, P, and G.

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  1. Ao's Avatar
    This is a kickass intro! I'ma stick it to the frontpage right away!