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Here Comes the Goodness

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Oh man. Traipse development has been steady. Even though I have created several different softwares, each software is a R&D area for a major component of the next milestone of the virtual game table. I now have every component to a level I could at least put together and make a table ... but I wont. Not at this stage.

I am currently at a major turning point in OpenRPG development. I am working on the Effects layer. Planned development will involve two effects, Light and Dark. While some design aspects are still in the air, the planned development on the effects layer will have shapes which can have effects applied to them. The first effect applied to a shape would be a dark effect, darkening the inside of the shape. Objects with light effects attached to them, or even cells inside the shape with light effects attached to them, will then cut away at the 'darkness' inside the shape.

Again, I admit a lot of the development is up in the air, but with the current map design in OpenCartographer it should be fairly easy and efficient to add effects in the above described manner. Since each object on the map is itself a secular class, each object can carry values for light and dark .. and even vision and obscurity.

I will definitely post an update here when the light and dark effects are more solid .. for now I am a bit excited Pious Paladin has come this far.

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  1. archmagi1's Avatar
    Keep up the good work.
  2. adamx20's Avatar
    Thanks, archmagi1. I have a screen shot of a new table top. Here with a texture applied to the play area: and here with the basic map:

    The every object keeps track of itself on the map, and while this sounds like it would bog down the software, it actually streamlines it and makes it faster. I am reducing iterations and able to just ask the object on the map for the data I need. Especially nice is that each grid cell behaves this way and knows it's position on the map ... so I am not parsing through a huge amount of pixels ... I just ask the grid for the data I need.

    I admit the new table top image has added a whopping 23MB to RAM usage, but it's 1650x2400 ... and I will provide more textures allowing users to choose what their table looks like. Traipse is going to be awesome. So awesome I hope during Alpha and Beta testing people willing drop the idea of me translating to Ornery Orc and older ... because it will save me hours of work.