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Designing OpenCartogropher [Feedback Request]

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I just released a new product called OpenWorld. OpenWorld is a campaign cataloguing software that takes advantage of the OpenRPG's gametree. This is part of the step by step process I am taking to move into the next milestone. You can download OpenWorld here:

With OpenWorld in it's first evolution I want to take some time from coding it so I can put it through it's tests and push an update later. This will give me some free time to focus on a couple other tasks.

1. Translating Knowledge arcana Issue 0 to OpenRPG nodes
2. Working on OpenCartogropher

It's #2 that I want some feedback for. What is OpenCartogropher? OpenCartogropher will be a cartography software that uses the map I am working on for Pious Paladin. Users will be able to create a map using the map from OpenRPG and then either save it as an image file or save it as an OpenRPG map file they can load later.

This map software is going to set the bar for Pious Paladin and what it can do. I think it is best to set the bar higher here and I plan on OpenCartogropher using the Gnarly Necromancer map but allowing it to export map files to Ornery Orc and Pious Paladin. Although, I was also thinking that Pious Paladin may have two map types. Readers may be confused so let me explain.

The next map is going to advance maps to a new level. This is what I want implemented in the next gen map:
I want nodes to provide connected information on the map.
I want a new node type that acts as a trigger for GM set events.
I want to add simple building blocks for light and shadow.
I will provide folders with the Devin Knight images and I will work on a new method to share images so users can access the internet less.

Now... what do users want?

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  1. archmagi1's Avatar
    i'm really interested in the open world tool. my intent on a number of days earlier this week was to download and play around with it, but damn scheduling! *shakes fist in anger*

    i'll probably play around some with it this weekend.

    my biggest problem with the old openrpg map is you were lucky if it worked right. as long as it works, i'd be happy :P
  2. adamx20's Avatar
    I released OpenWorld with an updater, so when I do update the software it will be possible to update. The updater also uses threading, so if you decide to check for updates your software wont grey out or look like it is (Not Responding). I would love to hear some feed back on OpenWorld.

    As for the map getting it to work with older versions is going to be the toughest part. But hopefully the release of these tools will bring some people over, at least to test out the software, so I can get some feedback on how it works with more than one person.