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Character creation : Do it right or do it yourself?

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So I'm rolling up a character for this Final Fantasy campaign that a friend of mine is doing. People yell at me for not having enough variation in the characters I play and tease me about how all my characters are all the same which is true. I almost always roll melee guys with lots of hit points, humans, strength dominant, etc. so this time I try to do something a little different.

I roll a samurai which is still a melee guy but I put more into dexterity and accuracy than strength. I took Elf for my race for the first time in forever. I refrain from taking advantages that give me more hit points or make me tougher but instead take an extra accessory and something that lets me heal extra. I'm feelin' like maybe I'm gonna get some "variety" and that makes me kinda happy.

Then the GM asks about my stuff and I tell him how I'm gonna roll and such only to have the GM turn to me and tell me all about how the numbers say that it'd be better to be strength dominant, how I wasted the free accessory slot on a suck accessory compared to these other accessories later in the book and that I should be more creative and take some other advantages that sounded a lot cooler out loud than they did in the book.


I get all pissy at him for crapping on my plans to be "different" like people hassle me to be and he just says "Well you don't HAVE to do it like that but it's better if you do". Well I can't just ignore that there's a better way to play the character can I?

(What in specific he pointed out was that Elves in final fantasy and the Samurai class has a higher strength cap than dex cap. Even if I took the feat that lets sword damage be calculated with dex instead of strength I'd still want strength to be my main damage score because it maxes out a lot higher than my dex)

And this isn't the first time either! Blasted Akari always in my proverbial grill!I was going to be different damnit! DIFFERENT!

Anyway, I'm curious. How often do you guys have people "correct" your character builds? What do you do when someone does that? Does it bug you as much as it does me?

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  1. Count_Dreadstone's Avatar
    It generally depends on the game. As a GM, I focus my creative efforts on detailing the world and playing the NPCs, etc. That's my job as the GM. My job as the GM is not to tell people how to play their characters. Building the character is the player's job. As a player, my job is to play my own character, not to tell the other players how to build and play theirs. So personally, I don't get up in someone's grill about their build unless they ask me for advice.

    In a game that will be less RP and more hack'nslash, you'll sometimes be expected to build your character in a manner thought to be consistent with his role in the game. Adding things that don't seem to support that role so strongly can make your teammates go "erf?" and look at you askance. This attitude seems to have become more prevalent with the popularity of MMOs.

    As far as weak builds go, the AD&D Dungeon Master's guide points out that these so-called "unplayable" characters are often the most fun to play. It takes some creative thinking to overcome the handicaps of what some would consider a "gimped" build. It was mostly talking about crappy ability score rolls, but it seems like a valid point here as well. It's easy to play a character well when you've stacked the numbers in his favor and given him some crazy powerful magic gear. That doesn't make non-optimized characters unplayable.

    My approach toward RPGs is this: there is no "correct" build. It's a game, not a freakin' algebra test. It's supposed to be fun. I'm going to play what I want to play. People who can't accept this approach won't find me gaming with them. Anyone who thinks they can play my characters better than I can is free to roll up their own and have a go at it. They might be better at min/maxing and twinking their characters out... but they aren't looking for the same kind of challenge that I am.

    And who's to say they're having more fun doing it their way than I'm having doing it mine?
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  2. BlacktotheFuture's Avatar
    My approach toward RPGs is this: there is no "correct" build. It's a game, not a freakin' algebra test. It's supposed to be fun.
    Yeah, I can dig that. Guess it's just a matter of not lettin' it get to ya.
  3. December's Avatar
    I've had it done to me a couple times. Every time, I tell them "That's great. Here's the deal: This is my character. Not yours. Piss off and let me be. " They'll continue, often, and I'll repeat myself again, along with "Look, I get you're trying to help me, even though I know what I'm doing, but I don't want or need the help for creating/rolling -my- character. It's this way for a reason."

    Sometimes, they bugger off after that. It's frustrating, though. It really is. I feel your pain, bud.