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Character Summary for World's Largest Dungeon

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Bri'in Tenflame -- Cleric

An idealistic but carefree youth, Briin comes from a commoner's background. He's learned that a man has to play that hand that Fate deals him, and that she doesn't often play favorites with one ideal over another. However, he also realizes that individual deeds *are* often returned in kind, so he is determined to sow as much good into the world of men as he can... between rounds of ale, mead, and fruity wines.

When he isn't inspiring wine-fueled debates (and the occasional fistfight) in the local tavern, Bri'in can be found in the local temple district, helping the Matron Kalessa and her acolytes or the elderly scholar Tilmund in the library, and generally earning his keep with good (more or less) works. These worthies often frown on his sorties into the seedier districts, but Bri'in figures that there are some people who won't come to the Temple... so why not bring a bit o' the temple to them?

...until he became an unwitting pawn in a plot to usurp the king. Now convicted of a crime he didn't commit, he is left with no choice but to forsake the life he knows and explore the depths of a mysterious schism. For him, this is just one more confirmation of one of his core beliefs: you just can't trust any single form of human government.

"Fools, all of them... they've no idea how much they're sowing into the wind..."

Theme Song: Bloody Tears

Fight Music: Twilight Zone

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