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PF Hexblade

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In converting the hexblade I did an almost complete rewrite of the original class, simply because by the time the Complete series of 3.5 books was finished, the class was incredibly underpowered. The flavour was still there and wanted to keep that, so changed up the key ability of the hexblade curse (CON now) and the uses per day to be more on par with other classes.

Also changed the hexblade to a spontaneous spellcaster, but have not yet worked on narrowing down the spell lists.

Biggest change to the class was the addition of curse powers which I tried to design similar to a barbarian's rage powers. I would really like as much input on these as possible.

EDIT: Further played with the hexblade's curse, as well as the addition of a new hexblade aura ability. Spell list is still under construction; high level suggestions appreciated.

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Updated 07-23-2012 at 12:40 AM by Aerthos



  1. TheTallestDwarf's Avatar
    Its not bad, though it'll need testing to see if its truly up to par.
  2. Aerthos's Avatar
    After some discussion and further thought, going to remove Make Your Own Luck and replace that with something else, as well as re-work the capstone ability before any playtesting.

    Brainstorming and ideas for either are appreciated.
  3. Aerthos's Avatar
    Class is ready for playtesting. Any and all are encouraged to join in, particularly those looking to test out the class at higher levels.
  4. Aerthos's Avatar
    Further changes to the class, and more playtesting. All are encouraged to test it and provide feedback.