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The Journal of Jin'reth Ralton

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This is a character of mine in Nexus. I got bored one night so I thought...his past isn't fleshed out very much, so maybe I should take care of that.

Input is much appreciated.

If you want to read the rest of his backstory or look at his sheet for nexus, the link is in my signature.

Jin'reth Ralton

Training day 1

Jin'reth or as he liked to be called, Jin woke up the next morning after the Damned destroyed his life and rose from his bed. Was it all just a dream? Could it be, are they all still here? Are Mom and Dad still alive. He looked around the room, the cold stone room that was nothing like his home.

The hope left his eyes to be replaced by sorrow and anguish. The look of childlike innocene faded from his eyes as the horrors of the past night came to his mind. The memories were like a lead bar to his ankles as his muscles turned to jelly and he crashed to the floor. His knees crashed on the floor as he knelt there with his sorrow crippling him. His hands caught him subconciously and he rested there as the tears fell down his dirty ash covered face.

He was a strange sight as Tal'rin walked in his open door and saw the boy begging for an answer. " could this happen. WHY...why couldn't they...why couldn't they just protect us...WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE???!!!!!!!!" He began beating on the floor with his hands. He was only able to strike the ground 10 times before Tal'rin stopped him grabbing his hands. It was to late though, his hands were already bruised and bloody. It was a miracle he hadn't broken any bones in his fury.

"I know you're angry son, but that's not going to help anyone. You can't give into your anger like won't hurt anyone but yourself. You have to realize that you can become stronger. But your anger will be a thorn in your flesh. Everytime you give into it, it will just dig in deeper and cause you more pain. I can help you with's why I brought you here last night. Now come with me."

Tal'rin helped Jin to his feet and led him out of the room to the training field. As they arrived a dream flashed through Jin's mind, at least he thought it was a dream. He had fainted they previous night and Tal'rin had been forced to carry him back. When they arrived, Tal'rin was accosted by a man in a white robe. "What happened Tal? What are you doing with that frail looking child?" Tal'rin frowned at the man "Be careful, you don't want to wake him Fren'ten. He was the only survivor of that village. We were to late."

The man in the white robe Fren'ten frowned back "What are you doing bringing the boy here though? You mean to train him, don't you? There is no place for a child as frail as he in this place. All you're going to do is get the kid hurt, you fool."

Tal'rin smirked at Fren'ten as he looked at him, he paused for a second, thinking how much of a fool this man was. "You can't know that, I beleive this boy will be stonger in the Inner Perfection than any we have seen in a good man years. There is a fire in this one that is greater than any I have ever seen before."

Jin passed back out and the voices faded away as he fell back asleep.

Tal'rin led him to Fren'ten again and Jin looked up at Tal'rin remembering this man's disbelief in him. He resolved right then to prove the man wrong and followed all the instructions of Tal'rin and began meditating that day, trying to get past his anger to get to this state they called inner perfection. That day he sat there in quiet contemplation as the tears fell down his face. He tried to put it behind him, but everytime he would try that day he would see the faces of his parents killers, and thier blood on the ground.

He went to sleep that night after eating his supper. He never tasted anything, he just ate it all mechanically. He returned to his room and looked at the cold stone walls. After all that had happened to him, they seemed a good reflection of how he felt, how his soul looked.

Cold. Hard. Unyielding. A cold anger.

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    Looks good Asron - looking forward to reading more