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The Mad Wizard

Back for the first time

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I have not been here in awhile. Mostly because I've been taking a break from work and this is one of my I like to visit when I "work". That and Shakes and Fidgets has been eating my time.

Now that I am back I've been working on Patch-3 for Ornery Orc. This will be the final patch as I close it from updating to Pious Paladin until users have PyQt installed.

Just some minor improvements. Mostly I needed to fix my big mistake with the Meta Server. I was too zealous, like a kid with a brand new piece of candy, and just like that kid would I stuck it in my mouth before removing the wrapper. :P Bad of me.

But this is what I have to show for it. A portable Meta Server that has minimal requirements and very little setup. Now with bonus features.

Take a look at the live testing site: Not only will your Meta Server tell the software what is going on, it will also tell the players. Someday I will add CSS to the tables, but for now I will focusing on SQL.

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