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(4e) Black Powder Weapons [homebrew]

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Just some black powder weapons from my homebrew campaign. Use 'em if you like em, tell me why if you don't.

Flintlock PistolSuperior RangedOne-Handed
+21d85-1040 gp5 lbFirearmsOff-Hand, Load standard* (2)

Pistol BayonetOne-Handed
+31d6Melee10 gp1 lbLight BladeOff-Hand, Weapon Attachment

Flintlock RifleSuperior RangedTwo-Handed
+21d1210-2075gp10 lbFirearmBrutal 2, Load standard* (1)

Rifle BayonetTwo-Handed
+21d8Melee25 gp2 lbPolearm, SpearReach, Weapon Attachment

BlunderbussSuperior RangedTwo-Handed
+22d63-650 gp8 lbFirearmBrutal 2, Load Standard* (1)

*A weapon with "load standard (#)" may take # shots before being required to reload as a standard action.

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  1. adamx20's Avatar
    I like the use of Load Standard. That is a clean way to add new rules.
    Updated 05-01-2010 at 12:25 AM by adamx20