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I am vehement today. I've taken a lot of spite from the developers of OpenRPG 'Standard' and now I want to rant.

I am terribly upset with the developers of OpenRPG 'Standard'. If you use the standard version of OpenRPG, open up the Browse Server menu and look at the list of servers. Anything wrong with that?

The main force behind Standard is DJ Gilcrease. A childish bastard who thinks is code is pure gold, no matter what slop he presents, how many bugs are included, or if he has taken the time out of his day to fix any of the previous bugs. That rat now runs the OpenRPG meta server and it is totally closed from the eyes of developers. (I have recently placed a ticket on their page in hopes to acquire the source code)

In fact, David was the only person I could tolerate on that team, but now he is enormously upset with me because I recreate Namespace for Traipse ... well it happens to be much better now. Apologies to David, but I think he jumped the gun on the hate steam.

Now .. if you use Standard OpenRPG, I want you to take a look at what you are supporting. Closed source, proprietary jack assery. There was a time when the Meta Server was available, so I downloaded it. When I was looking it over I discovered it was incomplete. Because of that, I cannot start up a backup Meta so people can have a meta.

I wish Chris would come back, take his software back and tell DJ and his team to create a fork. I think they have once again tarnished the reputation of OpenRPG only this time not with the software in hand, but with the Meta server.

[End Rant]

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  1. Alexander Tau's Avatar
    Stick to your guns dude.

    The story you are telling is just how these things go. You give a small minded person some power and they go insane with it. Because you added something to your version someone else got upset. That is beyond stupid. Keep doing what you are doing, present it honestly, zap the bugs when you find them, and tell the Standards people to go straight to hell.

  2. archmagi1's Avatar
    i gave up on 'supporting' the (at the time) openrpg+ fork (now standard fork) when my updated gsc plugin got added in but i didn't get bumped in the attributions in the code itself. oh well, the final product was 'ever so slightly' different (rather than just saying 'typing' i had a form on the wxWindow for gsc where you could put your own message instead of pulling the typingstatus constant). traipse saved my confidence in open