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The Art of being a Role Player

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There is one I believe, an Art to being a Role Player that is. I love and respect my Players. They are the reason I create and run Games. The point is for them to have a good time. Well with me the point is that they have one of the best times of their lives but that is just a matter of degree really.

But I feel a little like Alfred Hitchcock when he said "All actors should be treated like cattle." which to me translates into a definte line between Game Masters and Players.

GMs are the rare few who both can tell a good Story and who enjoy doing the work it takes to bring it to others. Anybody can do the job of Game Master but to be good at it takes not one but a small handful of talents.

Within their proper sphere I know, and have known, very creative Players. People who bring their PCs to life and who act consistant with those values with nary a miss. I loathe OOC considerations being mixed into gameplay. An RPG is not about getting the next bit of experience or even killing the next monster (not that those things are not fun they are just not supposed to be the point) it is about living through the experience in as much depth as possible.

It is about feeling as much as possible.

There is a real magic to Role Playing. A power, an intensity of experience that makes it a superior form of game. I have console games, I even play boardgames, all fun and a good time.

But none of those leave the sort of impression a good RPG does. A night playing Monopoly and Life is one more pleasant memory that gets lumped in with many others. A night of high adventure in an RPG is an experience unique and memorable. For those who have never felt the rush of performing in front of a large audience let me tell you that some of that is there in a good RPG session. Other people are involved and what you can get out of the time spent playing is just more than you can find anywhere else. At least anywhere else in games.

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  1. BlacktotheFuture's Avatar
    Kick ass man! I totally agree.

    When it comes to a roleplay it's just...different you know? You enter it and feel it and the session should end with players really FEELING like they just dealt with a dragon or ferreted out a nemesis organization and wake up the next morning feeling like bad-asses.

    Neat sentiment man. I'm totally hip to it AND the piece on GM's.
  2. Alexander Tau's Avatar
    My views are considered somewhat extreme but oh well. You cannot please everybody and the only way to avoid the negatives is to say nothing and that would be dull.

    Glad you appreciate the point of view though. *grins*