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Musings of a Mystic Theurge

Taiome Ta'Maige - Psionic Shaper

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Taiome Ta'Maige - Psionic Shaper

Description: (see picture)

Personality: Taiome is a Odd character; She often is caught talking to herself; but seemingly not herself specifically. She is Quite loyal; But often more so to her Summons and Animals then to humanoids. She Hides the knowledge of her race; telling others she's human; but just with really good night senses.
Come Combat; She will send her Summons to do the work; while she tries and stays outta the way.

Background: Taiome was born in the realm of shadow barely before the exile. She remembers almost nothing beyond the feeling of darkness that comforts her from time to time. She, Like many others came into ebberron near Sharn.

This tall city bothered her; she stayed near it only long enough to procure identification papers; something she quickly found you do not travel without.

*Fill in later with pocal*

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