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House Rules

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I generally try to keep my house rules to a minimum to make for easy and consistent play, but this seemed as good a place as any to post them where any and all potential players can see them for reference.

  1. Critical Fumbles: They exist and they must be confirmed. To confirm a fumble, roll 1d20. If you roll higher than 21-(your HD) then you do not fumble. i.e. a 1st level character has to roll a natural 20 on the confirmation roll to avoid a fumble, while a 9th-level character only needs to roll a 12 or higher. This reflects that higher level characters are less prone to fumbles than low-level characters. A natural 1 on the confirmation roll will always confirm a fumble, regardless of any modifiers. As of right now, only the following modifiers may be applied to the fumble confirmation roll:

    • Weapon Focus with the weapon being used = +1
    • Luck modifiers to attack
    • Not proficient with weapon = -2
  2. Resolving Critical Hits & Fumbles: GameMastery's Criticial Hit Deck and Critical Fumble Deck will be used to determine the effects of criticals hits and fumbles, respectively. If the effect on the card does not apply for a critical hit (i.e. you do normal damage and double damage to the opponent's armor (ignoring hardness)... but the opponent doesn't have any armor), the player/DM may opt to do extra damage as standard for a critical hit. For weapons with a critical modifier greater than x2, reduce the modifier by one and add a card (a longsword crit results in a card, a longbow crit is x2 damage and a card). In case it matters, two spells are added to the Bard and Sor/Wiz spell lists: "Fumble" and "Mass Fumble". Ask for details.
  3. Alignment: Players are to understand the difference between "Evil" as an alignment and as a subtype. Players confused by that statement should refer to this blog post or contact me for clarification.
  4. Skills:
    • CRAFT: Players are limited to two separate Craft skills, plus one for every 2 points of Intelligence bonus. Thus, a character with 16 Intelligence can have three Craft skills, and a character with 18 INT could have four.
    • PERCEPTION: Divided into two skills, Perception and Search. Perception continues to be based off of Wisdom and covers quick observation using all five senses. Search is based off of Intelligence and applies to more thorough searches of an area, specifically for traps. Any class features involving traps that would normally modify a Perception check (such as a rogue's trapfinding ability) are changed to add their bonus to Search instead.

  5. Class Errata: Paladin - Smite Evil does not do double damage against undead, evil outsiders, or evil dragons.

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