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A Blob is the very height of egotism. Which is odd when you consider I have never had an official one anywhere. But I use my Profile's Visitor Message section for that very purpose and I have kept running public Logs on countless projects.

So actually I have been doing them forever. Which if you know me makes a lot of sense. This is an oddly Community-focused Blog style though. It is not like you have to go somewhere to read what I have to say. You can follow a specific person and I expect many will.


What I am working on now is a 90% RP Game with a 4 month playtime. Anybody who is interested should see Concept #8 in 'My Concept Vault' in the Library. I will probably talk more about this afternoon when I have time.

In a way it will be a bit of a test. When I first arrived there was amost no SuperHero activity on Tangled Web. So little that it took Ao and a few other people to convince me to take a shot here. The result was New Chicago which was a huge Game for a number of months.

I am hoping that the 4 month playtime will convince many of the serious RPer here that it would be possible for them to play. That and the fact that the whole point really is being the Characters with combat mostly at the end or optional along the way.

First I will test for interest before I spend all the time doing the massive Research this baby would take.

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  1. Actana's Avatar
    A Blob is the height of egoism? Damnit, I need one.

    Does anyone know where to get a blob? Preferably a green one. Or purple. Blue is out of the question. Also, it should be at least a little slimy. But not too slimy, I don't want to constantly clean up after my very own blob. Even if it does boost my ego.
  2. Alexander Tau's Avatar