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New site layout came back online today. Totally got this n00b GM to let me make my infinite trip build, gonna be pwnin' all the other n00bs so hard. Lolz. Hope mom gets REAL mountain dew tonight instead of that shit code red, shit's weak.


Now that that's out of the way, WHY do we have a blogging option here? I mean, does a roleplaying site really need a blogging option on their profile? It just seems a tad out of place.

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  1. Ao's Avatar
    I think the real question is... does an rpg site NOT need a blog?

    Seriously though, the blog can be used traditionally, or, if one were wild and crazy enough...

    They could use it to showcase their campaigns... or as a gamer resume... or as a place for members to rehash their character exploits.

    Any number of uses for a good blogging system.

    (Not to forget that it's good for SEO too )
  2. numinous's Avatar
    Nice layout guys. I like the new look. Hope we're back on soon. While it's Vbullentin it looks a lot of TikiWiki for some reason.
  3. adamx20's Avatar
    It would be nice if I could integrate my Wordpress blog to my blog here, so that when I post there the post is posted here, also.
  4. Legionaire's Avatar