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    This is the Maptool logo.  It looks like a white gear with a green filled center.  A black silhouette of an astrolabe rests in the middle.Maptool is considered to be the jewel in the software crown for the developers over at rptools.net. Maptool is a free program that allows folks to get together and play their favorite online pen and paper role playing games over the internet. Maptool is one of the top two free Virtual Game Tables out there and it's best suited for Game Masters that want a really good visual presentation.

    Maptool offers features that go above and the call of duty when it comes to simulating a traditional face to face tabletop game.

    Some of the features Maptool offers are:

    • Real Time Chat
    • Roll Dice in chat
    • Create Detailed Combat Maps
    • Fog of War
    • Play any System or Setting
    • Hex and Square Grids
    • Distance Calculation
    • Store Complicated Die Rolls

    There is a lot of power in this little package. To see it in action, please have a look at the video below.

    Be sure to see all the tools in the RPtools.net toolbox.

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