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    Looking for 5e game

    Ok if youíre truly interested, hop over and post your best short story as an original Batman Villain or your own that you see in a Fantasy Gotham. Based on what youíve got maybe you could find...

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    Looking for 5e game

    I wouldn't have an issue with playing in your game, from just reading through some of the books for 5e I am most interested in a character like a barbarian or a sorcerer

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    Rstevens 09-19-2019, 06:05 PM Go to last post

    Looking for 5e game

    I know you said you were seeking a 5e game, but what about the genre or character style you like to play?

    If youíre open just to play and willing to learn Iíve got an opportunity with a Pathfinder...

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    Stirring up a Game...Planning

    You look like an individual shares a lot of interest in the same things as I do.

    Hop over to the Recruiting Office. I just posted a Recruiting for a Pathfinder Fantasy Batman. Iíve got two...

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