• OpenRPG vs Maptool

    I'll get this new forum started. Having played virtual tabletop for about 5 years now, I have had the opportunity to clock hundreds of hours both as a player and GM of both OpenRPG and Maptool. I started virtual tabletop with OpenRPG, which I quite liked. It allowed the storage of macros, online dice rolls, and overall was a rather swell program. However, I was highly dissatisfied with the 'map' section of the tool, both in lack of quality as well as in the frequent crashes that happened trying to use the more advanced features.

    Then I came across maptool. Maptool had none of the issues of the OpenRPG maps, but I still enjoyed OpenRPG for its die rolling method and nested macros. I decided to start using both programs together; OpenRPG for the main game, and Maptool for the map. As time passed I was asked why I didn't simply use Maptool exclusively. My answer was simple; I enjoyed having each monsters macros in an easily accessible chart, where I could pull up one monster at a time but they were all there ready and waiting for me. This is when I was introduced to the idea of token-macros in Maptool.

    Maptool allows the functionality of creating a token with a creature or characters image, and then building macros onto the token. Once finished, the token can be saved to the Resource Library, and accessed when needed in the future. Instead of having to look through nested macros for various creatures in OpenRPG, I was able to simply click a single button from the selected window for the creature in Maptool.

    Suddenly, the process was amazingly simple and clean. Monsters could have their own tokens and macros saved on them, along with notes and description macros. No longer would I have to worry about sorting through a list of creatures or sending tree nodes to everyone. Just grab the creatures token, toss it on the map, and play. This was the final barrier to adopting Maptool use exclusively, and I haven't gone back.

    Since then, my group has adopted Teamspeak as a voice server for primarily OOC chat, and the combination with Maptool makes the games fun, rewarding and simple; and the monster tokens are tucked away complete with macros, ready for the next time they make their appearance.
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    1. wynd's Avatar
      wynd -
      I use openrpg because i don't have to set up a network, i don't have to open my computer to people i barely know, and i don't have to learn hamachi to avoid it.
      almost every server on maptool also has a password on it, so you can't easily look around for games and lurk. it also keeps servers in the list that aren't currently online, so you don't even know which ones are currently occupied.

      i actually prefer games without maps, but i won't deny openrpg's map sucks.
    1. Arelius111's Avatar
      Arelius111 -
      I just prefer openrpg. I've used since webrpg went down and I don't get all the crashes people speak of with Openrpg. Guess I'm lucky.
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