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    Looking for a new campain

    Looking to join a new game. Still fairly new at this but learning and willing to learn quickly. I can do pbp. I have no real preferred class and willing to try anything.

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  • The Four Ugly Monsters Collection

    This is a sample token that is in the top down style.  This style was pioneered for online virtual game tables by Devin Night of Four Ugly Monsters.Four Ugly Monsters was a website that catered to players who used pay to play Virtual Game Tables like Fantasy Grounds and Battlegrounds. The good folks at Four Ugly Monsters created a ton of material and they used to sell their token packs for around $5 each or somewhere thereabouts.

    Well, it's sad to say that Four Ugly Monsters has recently decided to close their website.

    However, there is a silver lining for us in that they have put up all their previous pay to use material for free download.

    Let me tell you something... I always wanted to use these miniatures for gaming, but I was always too cheap to purchase them.

    These miniatures are the best that are available.

    Most of them were created by a fellow by the name of Devin Night.

    May he live on as the King of the Top Down Token Style!

    Update: Devin Night has started a new site of his own and you can find it, along with more of his work, at the following URL.

    Devin Night's New site for Tokens to be used with MapTool, OpenRPG, and other Virtual Table Tops
    In order to use the following images in the gallery below, you can right click each image and choose either to Save the Image or Copy the URL for pasting into a Virtual GameTable.

    Characters 1
    Characters 2
    Basic Undead
    Goblins, Kobolds, and Worgs
    Orcs and Goblins
    Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres
    Dark Lair
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    1. gd1's Avatar
      gd1 -
      Aren't they technically "old tokens"? Since you've salvaged them that is...
    1. Ao's Avatar
      Ao -
      Curse ye and yer semantics!
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      Mythwin -
      Thank you for the tokens !
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      Pocal -
      Don't talk back to overgods!
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      Ao -
      We've got more yet to post... this was just the first batch.
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      Kingwaffle27 -
      i need more tokens