• RPG Character Sheets

    For those that have logged in, click here to go directly to the Character Sheet Profiler.

    For those that are still reading...

    The Tangled Web hosts character sheets for all members on it's RPG Web Profiler system that is integrated with the vBulletin forum software. It's fairly simple to use. After registering with the site, you go to the Profiler and choose which game system you need to create a template for from one of the available options.

    We currently have sheets available for the following roleplaying games.

    4ed Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    3ed Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    d20 Star Wars Sheets
    d20 Modern Sheets
    Serenity Sheets

    A fellow is currently working on a Pathfinder sheet for us as well... we'll update this list as soon as he's completed it.

    So, now that you're 'in the know' about character sheets and The Tangled Web, go ahead and head to the Recruiting Office and find yourself a game.
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    1. dungeondelver's Avatar
      dungeondelver -
      where do i get the sheets ?
    1. Tarien's Avatar
      Tarien -
      Is there any work being done on a 5e profile? What kinds of coding skills would be required to create one?
    1. SoberIrishman's Avatar
      SoberIrishman -
      We had a good bit of work done on creating a 5e sheet when the decision was made to upgrade to a newer, better Profiler. So that's in the works currently.
    1. zirke's Avatar
      zirke -
      Okay , where are the sheets cause its easy to keep with everything if I type it our I need the 3.5 edition unless someone has s site I can use that not a PDF or Office 360
    1. Shondoa's Avatar
      Shondoa -
      Any updates on that Pathfinder sheet? Would be nice to have.