• Here We Go Again

    Well, here we are on a new version/upgrade of forum software for TTW. To any younglings reading this:

    "Hold on tight. There are going to be some curves in the road, and some large potholes (possibly inducing a flat tire AKA the Profiler), but this place will be cruising before you know it and you'll be glad to call yourself a part of this community."

    And that's coming from this old sack of bones in the corner with the book of Coleridge verse next to his dice bag. Seriously, take a look over at my profile stats... I've been a member of the community since late 2007, and I've had 563 posts. For someone who has been around roughly 2.5 years, that's pretty slim. In fact, I've been pretty nonexistant around the forums for probably about half of that. But I tell you this place is great, and I am proud to call myself a part of this strange, tangled place of people, ideas, dreams, and fantasy.

    So grab some dice, grab a spare keyboard and some scratch paper (you'll never have enough pencils in life), and welcome to one of the most open and fun RPG communities the Internet has to offer.
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