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  1. Blog 217: Campaign Novelization

    Another character returns, and not really someone expected, either. Especially after the way their last encounter ended. That scene is actually in one of the older blog posts, Blog 212.

    But, as always, all the background and earlier chapters are kept on Wattpad, FF, and AO3 in case more is needed.


    Chapter 28: Take Me Home, Country Road

    Mathal laid awake until gray ...
  2. Blog 216: Campaign Novelization

    Fiosa is here! This is the part where everyone, apart from Gorvio, meets Fiosa for the first time. She's a real kooky ol' grandma, but she's got a good heart and mission statement.

    The other parts of the story are on Wattpad, FF, and AO3 as Council of Thieves if any background is needed. I think the biggest thing is just that at this point, Mathal lost her familiar, Chelon, when she traded her soul to Kulata for three wishes.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
  3. Fog laden woods and dream blooms

    ...No, you don´t need to take that along. We are just going for a short walk. You couldn´t get lost! Although I might... And we might end up in places so far apart, outside the woods... But the trees know me too well. They know that only I am theirs, and will probably lead you out on the shortest route possible; and then they would stand silent, like you have never met before, thinking you will forget soon... You´ll see. Just take your eyes off! ... ... Um... Are you still with me? Here, hold on ...

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  4. Afterdark

    Stillness, was it? Well, it just happens that there is a side to stillness that makes it feel worthwhile: the hunter´s stealth.

    (Fair warning: This post is meant, probably XD, to make me look good. It dissociates some potentially admirable qualities from the struggle and mess which always occur when trying to impose one´s will to the natural rhythms of life. I just wanted to give you and myself a taste of something different. However, if this is a balancing act, I am aware that it ...

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  5. Blog 215: Campaign Novelization

    The whole big thing about the Council of Thieves campaign is that there's a pit fiend. A pit fiend, right in the middle of the campaign when none of the party should be able to meet that guy and survive. This is the pit fiend chapter.

    I'm pretty sure it can stand on its own, but if there's any confusion, the rest of it is on Wattpad as Council of Thieves.


    Chapter 26: Welcome ...
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