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  1. Iron March WIP

    Prologue: The Blood March

    His Adam's apple bobbed with every gulp of sweet wine from the bladder. Long he swallowed, ne'er a drop split, you'd just have to wait until he finished. "Nhm, the Blood March-" he nodded the wine skin emptied yet he didn't hand it back, only smirked and leaned into the rickety chair padded in furs. "They call it that for a reason young cubs; as far as the eye can see, the water, the mud, the reeds, the leaves on every tree stained blood red.
  2. Titanic Brawler

    Titanic Brawler
    The Titanic Brawler specializes in subjugating tremendous adversaries by manipulating ki to perform herculean feats of strength and prowess. Those who walk this path excel in applying brawn and technique to cow even the mightiest of foes.

    Grapple Specialist
    At 3rd level, as a practitioner of Titanic Brawling, you learn to capitalize incorporating grappling maneuvers into your fighting style. You double the proficiency bonus for any strength athletics or ...

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  3. Five Room Dungeon- Locked Down (Soft Sci-Fi, System Agnostic)

    Author's Note: For the sake of my and everyone else's sanity, I've decided to leave my personal grievances with unrealistic sci-fi at the door. Expect wacky super-science shenanigans to follow.

    Elevator Pitch: Party's first quest as a group is a prisoner escort mission to Metroplanet, a bustling mega-structure where species of all kinds meet and do their work. As one might expect, things don't go as planned.
    Entrance/Guardian: After a quick introduction by the hiring party ...

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  4. DM Thoughts- NPC creation process

    Hello Again

    Itís Lake here with another blog about being a DM or GM. This blog is going to be all about NPC creation and the steps I take. This is really only going to cover my process for important NPCs. Minor NPCs I usually improvise.

    Step 1: The Role.

    When creating a new NPC, I usually start with the role they plan in their communityor the campaign. Are they the captain of the guard, the local blacksmith, or even the lord? ...
  5. Story before setting: free dm'ing advice.

    Free advice for would be dm's:
    Setting building is fun. It's entertaining and you can spend hours on end on it. And you should. But it isn't all that important if you don't at least have the skeletal framework to a campaign planned out. This means, villains, storylines, potential foils, possible love interests, metaplot structure, etc. All that is much much more important than the way some language dialects relate to each other or the cool inner politics of the main religion. Because you ...
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