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  1. Blog 176: Campaign and Char Update (Sing.) and Misc

    Our noble heroes are still working through the dungeon. One of them has fallen under a curse which they may have to deal with face-to-face in a couple days. As a group, they've worked their way into a new, but possibly more hostile room than the first they encountered.

    Gonna have to check up on those object hardness rules again. They've been completely replaced with all the vocab I've been cramming recently, ahaha. I think hardness is like object DR?

    Char ...
  2. Blog 175: Character Updates!

    We had our first combat as a new team, and we were awesomely functional, ahaha.

    Our ploy to lure bandits on a rumor in the midday heat has not yet been successful. Perhaps we need to think our bandit-luring stratagem.

    He got stabbed in the back by a mate's arrow, but it was all in good critical failure, so no worries. He did take something like 18 dmg total this round though, all friendly fire.

    She's Mary Poppins ...
  3. Blog 174: Campaign and Misc

    Our heroes are in the dungeon and just had a look-through of their first room. I'm not sure which room they'll eventually get to next. The list of rooms got randomized and every time they pick a door, a room is randomly picked from the list. While this does mean that the combat encounters could happen in any order, they do have the option of resting if they need it, so that's unlikely to be an issue.

    Campaign Misc
    I joined TTW in September of last year, so I've almost ...
  4. Axar's Audacious Adventure Log

    Fantastic update for what's been happening in our game. Thanks Axar

    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    Chapter 1
    A motley group of aspiring, but untrained, adventurers answers the call of the Fall Moon Guild to guard a warehouse in Jasrel overnight. Outfitted with only a dagger, the dozen assorted folks were sent to a warehouse with some regular and some magically warded crates. They were briefly told that someone was breaking into the warehouse and the guild wanted it stopped. They were then locked
  5. Blog 173: Character Updates!

    We've got all of our new teammates! They're an interesting bunch and I'm curious to see how the character dynamics will end up.

    Baccano! Kinda. We're on the train and things are getting pretty fishy and supernatural.

    The crew's back in action except that...the whole crew seems to be picking their own two teams. Now that Shar's a Skald, I'm not sure where she would be most useful, so she's probably just gonna hang back for a bit. ...
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