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  1. Blog 192: Campaigns and Misc

    Our noble heroes have finally gotten to the old Pathfinder Lodge of Delvehaven, the first real step toward getting these danged shadows out of danged Westcrown. It's not been easy to get here, having lost companions on the way, but they've also gained a few allies.

    This is a long dungeon. Really long. Probably the longest they've come across yet. They might have to make some rest stops along the way--it's hard to say. So far, they've actually managed to avoid any long rests ...
  2. Superhero Setting: Power Corrupts

    Real-life superheroes are not a new concept to the people of Tertia, a world at once similar to and different from our own. Ancient legends and modern heroes made it clear that magic and psychic powers were very real, though extremely rare. The Powers That Be had left Tertia's dimension alone many years ago, promising only that their devotees would have moderate powers, and that they would only intervene in a reality-threatening crisis. The duty of ensuring justice was enforced would belong to the ...