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  1. Blog 223: Campaign Novelization

    After all the Mother(!) drama, these guys need a break, and they definitely get one here. Even as it sets up the next section, a heist of sorts.


    Chapter 34: The Squatters Club

    Mathal and Crosael woke at dawn on opposite sides of Rizzardo spooning Khazrae. The two crawled to the dead leaves ten paces away from their fellow sleeping campers.

    Mathal checked her pockets. ...
  2. Blog 222: Campaign Novelization

    After the big boss battle, what comes next? The big confrontation with the Mother of Flies. Exactly at a time when none of them are able to handle it. Drama, drama, drama.


    Chapter 33: Put on the Red Light

    Fmughwa landed with deliberate lightness on the bridge of stones to Mother’s house. Only the slightest ripple crested out over the rice paddies. Smoke piped up from top of the dam ...
  3. Words from a world gone purple

    To anyone who may, at any time, have found, in what I could so far write, beauty, good, or only usefulness, I leave, in place of my dream of connecting, these words: Thank you...
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  4. Story of Errandurr: Episode 1, Part 1

    Episode 1: Memories of The Looking Glass
    Part 1: Finding a Way Back

    Participation Days Remaining: -

    Someone´s opinion, which I care much about, made me see this project as something that could not continue to run at thetangledweb just on my energy. Please take your time to look at all I wrote so far. If, perhaps, you will not find yourself repulsed by what I expressed of my self, or by this project´s ideas and style, then please ...

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  5. Blog 221: Campaign Novelization

    Here it is. The boss battle, dun dun dun.

    Just to recap, Arael was one of the friendly senior members of the Orphanage, House Drovenge's team of assassins that Mathal, Tarvi, Abe, and Rizzardo were also a part of. I'm not sure any further recap is needed, but if so, then all the other chapters are on Wattpad (, FF, and AO3 as Council of Thieves.


    Chapter ...
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