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  1. The Comedy of Bad Rolls

    Sunday night was terrible. I mean...REALLY terrible for everyone all around. Our Scout, Dash Jackman, was ripped to shreds by a ghoul and our Gnome's riding dog got it's skull bashed in by a Zombie Troglodyte. We mourned their deaths for a few moments and then looted the corpses. It was the rightful thing to do.

    However, Sunday night was moreso terrible for me. In combat, I didn't roll anything above a 9 and that includes modifiers. I critically failed 3 times in 2 combat sessions ...
  2. Art?

    Just like a lot of the people here (I'm pretty sure), I'd like to be a writer. Some writers consider themselves to be 'artists' and feel that their writing has to have some deeper meaning or higher goal. I want to write stories that take a little of the inside of my head, and put it in the form of stories that people actually enjoy reading. I'm not an artist, I'm a dreamer, and for me, writing is a way to make my dream a real thing, and I want to share it, which means people have to want to READ ...
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  3. Back in the Saddle

    It's been about two years since I've rolled the dice, real life or otherwise. It's...strange.

    The best way to describe it is like learning how to walk all over again. It's hard at first, but over time, you get used to it. You remember how to move those muscles, how to balance. Soon, you're walking across the room, then down some stairs. Before you know it, you're running in a 10k and loving life.

    I'm still using the bars and shuffling my feet.

    I stopped playing ...
  4. Nations of Vaniya 1: Mordland

    Mordland at a glance
    Population: 8 million
    Sovereign: Godking Janus Italus (official leader), Autarch Virgil Dux (leader of the senate)
    Capital: Terinor
    Major cities: Melmord, Stowidge, Carlaxe
    Climate: Subtropical in the south, and warm temperate in the north.
    National colors: black, gold and red

    As the oldest human country in the Westermarch, Mordlandís history has begun over 1,500 years ago, from when the first humans migrated in ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya
  5. The loss of a tangled web poster

    For those of you who dont know, Fort Pwnall was my brother, and has recently left TTW

    I mourn for the loss of my brother, who has recently left The Tangled Web. He was In my campaign, I was in his, and we played together in two other games. To me it feels like a part of The Tangled Web itself has died.

    I know that the above may sound a little melodramatic, especially considering that he is not dead, but the thing is that we dont live very near each other, and can rarely ...