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  1. Second rant... Or those DAMNED Days

    Well, two weeks have passed and here I am. Well, I wanted to write this on Friday but I will be back late and so not ready to rant. And especially when yesterday has sparked this rant.

    Everyone knows those. It has happened in everyone's lifes and they were both good and bad. I talk about THOSE DAMNED DAYS when all things suddenly crash onto you in few days and you are under supreme pressure. What is more, all those things are truly darn jinxed. Either you're total lucky or dead beaten. ...
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  2. Character Illustration

    well, today i have been bored and decided to find pictures for my characters. not only did i get a little overboard and find over 100 cool pictures, i also ended up making a blog on tumblr >.>
    i figured i would share it with all the people on here, maybe get a little bit of neat pictures shared and make a few new friends.
    one other thing i found was a blog where people were putting their photoshop skills to requests on character illustrations ...
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  3. Sooooo... First Rant or what did I learn in 5.5 month...

    Actually, to focus on single object for 5.5 month is something godly for me. I usually drop such type games after about 3 months. Oh well, seems I can't get out so easily

    So I decided to start my little rant blog. Nothing personal, nothing weird but you can find lots of personal and weird stuff in here.

    I hope this could be at least once/2 weeks type of thing. Having a regular blog could be like another adventure, ya know...

    But now the rant. ...
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  4. Seeking D&D tabletop group level 1 (novice)

    My two brothers and I are seeking any group to play D&D if you have groups forming PM or message me at your convenience.

    Thank you,

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  5. Gestalt combination Ideas

    well, ive recently been asked to run a high level pathfinder campaign by my friends at school and, as a result of making a gestalt character combinations, came up with an interesting solution to reoccurring NPCs. since most of the party has taken levels in rogue i thought about using Gestalt classes 2 character levels higher then the party (as most fights would be 4-6 vs one)

    so far ive come up with, what i find, very interesting character selections. here are some i intend to create ...
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