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  1. Blog 20: Character Updates!

    Is in combat!!! She's almost dead, 5 hp remaining, but still. I'm so excited for this. She can't really do much in combat, but she's currently holding a Bardic Performance, Oratory. WHICH MEANS SHE'S DOING A STAND-UP ROUTINE FOR COMBAT. See why I'm so psyched?

    Waiting anxiously on what's going to happen with these goblins. She's not gonna pop out of hiding unless, signaled though, so yeah. It's the waiting game for her.

    Is coming out ...
  2. Blog 19

    No more typhoon days, so it's back to work and school as usual. Thankfully, I haven't gotten timezoned again, but things may pick up while I'm away. Hildi and Maolin are both in tense, stealth situations, while Taroko and Sharlot are both in combat. So, there's plenty of action to come.

    As for the Total Conversion WIP, I'm working on Chap 2: Lands of the Unknown (Barovia) right now. It's really fun translating one mythos into another. And so much easier than completely original writing. ...
  3. A day in my Play by Post Life

    6 a.m.- I wake up. Since I'm a sub, i check for work. I also check the PbP games I'm involved with. I often post in the games I DM (yes, that means I'm half asleep sometimes when I post)
    6:30-8:00 A.m. - I have to go to work. normally I check my posts again.
    11:00 A.m.-1:00 p.m.- at some point in here I get a half hour lunch break. I check the PbP games for noew posts, but I'm not able to reply because my phone is stupid.
    3:00- 4:00 P.m. - I get home from wherever in the county ...
  4. Blog 18: Work in Progress

    If you're like me and LIVE on the activity stream, you've probably seen some of my WIP posts come up. Yes, working on Total Conversion: Curse of Strahd to Over the Garden Wall 5e Campaign. So, these past two typhoon days have been a huge boon in terms of getting a headstart on that.
    There are about 250+ pages of Curse of Strahd material, and I've 18.5 pages, so roughly 7% completed^^

    Yeah, so when I said Total Conversion: Curse of Strahd, I totally meant the whole book instead ...
  5. DM thoughts- It takes a Village

    Hello again.
    Welcome back to more ramblings of a DM. Last post, I talked about starting with a seed for a campaign. Once you have that seed, the next step is to select your setting. You can do this one of three ways. Either you can select a predone campaign setting from a book, base it on another source or create your own from scratch.
    A predone setting is usually the easiest, since all you have to do is read out the descriptions of people places and things from the book, with flair ...