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  1. The Pious Network

    The Pious Paladin network is a breakthrough, mainly because I feel I am taking one step backwards and then two steps forwards. The new network is being designed to be easy to understand, maintain, and update. I'll go over a bit how the current network is working, and then explain how the new networks differs.

    The Current Ornery Network:
    The main files that deal with the Client <-> Server relationship are the mplay_server and mplay_client. The mplay_messaging file that ...
  2. Nice point

    "Why do we need a blog?" I ask and am answered with an excellent counter-argument. Why do we NOT need one?

    I'm also in a fair bit of shock at the fact that not only did people read something I didn't know was going to be that out in the open (thought it wouldn't be seen unless someone actually visited my page) but also at the fact that the title "FIRST!" while meant to be a joke might have just turned out to be true!

    Also, free form roleplay is sometimes ...
  3. Tangled Web Status

    You May have noticed, or possibly not; Depends on the person I guess.

    We have Upgraded to a New Style of Forum.

    Alas, It's killed the Profiler for the time being; till we can get it Reintegrated again.
    We did manage to save the Sheets though; Praise Ao!
    So once we get the system back to spec, You'll be able to access those tattered old character sheets of yours no problem!.

    In the mean time, Please feel free to check around the forum and try some ...
  4. First time for everything.

    So, I've never been one to blog, but I figured, what the hell, might as well give this new softwere a full fledged test. Also, I'll put my disclaimer here right now. This blog will contain all kinds of profain, off the wall, and possibly disturbing stuff. If you are of a weak constitution, don't bother reading further.

    Also, if you're reading this, i don't want to hear about how I offended you. You're reading MY blog. I'm not hoisting it on you.

    Ok, so, now that the ...
  5. Finally, the new Tangled Web shows up.

    The new layout is really nice and the new software has a lot of features. I am seeing more professional level forums using similar software, the QtCentre for example, so I have a growing feeling that Ao made a really good decision here. Woot!!

    That said .. I am going to be blogging about my development updates here. I am not sure how many people are interested in the Traipse development, but I hope to drum up interest by showing off what the new version can do. Expect screen shots, ...

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