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  1. Limited "Alpha" Test Run

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    I am looking for players interested in testing the "Alpha" of Pious Paladin. I am only looking for a few playtesters, around 5-10 max. If you are interested please let me know in the thread here or via PM.

    The test run will begin in a few days. I have one more feature I want completed before actually starting. I will help interested people install Python and PyQt before the test run.

    There are a few things to consider when testing the Alpha.
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  2. im new to the site

    im new here and i am really really looking for ppl to play some good games with iv have posted in the recruiting office and im just going to go on ahead and post here just so i can cover all my bases. i play dnd, pathfinder, star wars saga and post saga, etc feel free to ask me what kind of games i play but im usally up for any thing new it keep my imagination going. feel free to send me any feed back or advice and especially if you need a player or if your looking for a game cause i use maptool(but ...
  3. History of Vaniya 1: The Grey Elven Empire

    Thousands of years ago, even before humans had even created their first cities or nations, there was an empire. This empire, ruled by the self-appointed “Grey” Elves, was the largest single nation the continent of Vaniya has ever seen. Through means unheard of today the Elves raised monuments to the world and used magic which no mortal man could ever master. It was not long before the Elves had established footholds in every corner of Vaniya, and then not long before they had full control of each ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya
  4. Don't drink and drive angry -or- Road rage against the machine.

    Self-congratulatory blogpost;

    should have posted it roughly a week ago, but I've been so busy with work and things since start of August, I haven't had the chance.

    Got myself something a lil'nice to celebrate 1 year of systematically unscrewing my life over, and being able to start anew, once more, phoenix from ashes, etc. whatever.

    Yes, the stripes ...
  5. The five tentacled horsemen of a good laugh...

    Picture the scene. Maptools, Skype, a group of adventurers, a swamp. About twenty minutes into the session our lovely DM throws 5 tentacled horrors at us; Chuuls. Not ripe for humour? Not normally. Not unless the DM forgets to restrict the tokens to himself. 2 minutes of chuckling later the party rolls initiative to face:

    Questing Beast
    Aerthos Smells
    Chthulhu's Dad

    Sometimes its the simple ones that just work.